aly krajewski

Aly Krajewski is a designer & artist born and raised in the heart of the Midwest. She is a loyal Toledoan and fervent type-manipulation fan. Aly is not afraid of color and terrified of the prospect that one day she might use all of the paper in her studio. Her design influences include: Beirut, Rand, Lubalin, House Industries, Louise Fili, Sagmeister & Walsh, Alexander McQueen, and a litany of textile & tactile artists.


After graduating with her 2018 Design class, Aly is planning to continue working in Toledo and doing amazing things with her local AIGA chapter. Her current obsession with fresh cut flowers does not mix well with her penchant for killing every plant she’s ever bought. While her mantle is littered with innumerable awards and accolades, she most cherishes her former “Polka Queen” title and still wears the sash around sometimes [and no, this is not a joke]. She makes a mean sangria and will most definitely pet your dog.