paige apkarian

Paige Apkarian is a designer, photographer and overall artfan raised in Lima, Ohio but born in upstate New York (so no, she is not a bandwagon Yankees fan.) Paige pulls inspiration from a variety of venues and mediums, and enjoys bringing physicality and a mixture of art form. She is intrigued by collage work and the juxtaposition of artistic styles. She is a huge fan of out of the box paper samples, patterns, and the search in finding the perfect typeface. She absolutely hates spray mount and decaf coffee. Paige hopes to work in the sports industry as an in-house graphic designer or work for a nonprofit organization that is close to her heart.


Following graduation with a BFA in Graphic Design, Paige will be staying in the Bowling Green area to carry through with prospective job offers, or actively looking for before her lease ends in August. Outside of design, she enjoys running, spending quality time with her fur child, Ringo, trips to Target and a good craft beer.