emily price

Emily Price is a designer from Rossford, Ohio who has a passion for book design and layout along with photography and architecture. She plans to stay in the Toledo area as a graphic designer or will continue her studies at Bowling Green State University in architecture. In her projects, she has a fondness for merging old styles of art and design with recent ones. She also enjoys integrating the culture, history, and nostalgia behind a topic into its project.


In her spare time, Emily likes to build with Lego, daydream, play piano or organ, write poetry, or shiny hunt in her Pokémon games (Ditto is her absolute favorite Pokémon by the way). She likes to work with her hands and enjoys a good puzzle. Wherever she ends up in life, she most importantly wishes to be able to spend plenty of time with her two sisters who are her best friends, take care of multiple fluffy cats, and play organ at her church.