hannah young

Hannah Young is a native Clevelander. Realistically, she lives about 30 minutes into the outskirts of the city. But, same thing. She has lived in the area her entire life and has learned plenty from the creative opportunities she’s found while exploring such a vibrant and ever-changing community. She lives for overlapping kitsch and eclectic stickers on the surface of most everything she owns but does NOT live for waiting in lines or the typeface Avenir.


After graduating with her degree in Graphic Design, she will be living out her childhood dream of making minimum wage working for Walt Disney World 5 days a week and raising a golden-doodle with her fiancé. (The dog is a potential, but she won’t back down.) Soon after that, she hopes to continue her design work for a social media marketing firm in the Florida area. She also clearly doesn’t know how to speak in third person, apparently.