sarah doughty

Sarah Doughty approaches design with a drive to understand what makes people tick and how consumer behavior and marketing, collide with the need for a designed world. Her niche in design thinking falls at the intersection of brand identity, packaging, and artisan print methods, that enrich user interactions with tactile and beautiful moments. Sarah is still looking to fly from her nest which is a rural town north of Cincinnati, OH where she enjoys going home to visit family and pet her goats. She prides herself on being 4-H grown as it influenced her upbringing and plays a huge roll in her senior thesis project. Her favorite pastimes (besides scrolling through logo re-brand blogs) include knitting in a blanket pile, eating with friends, and going on a run. As an alumni of BGSU, Sarah will carry with her the brothers she met in Alpha Phi Omega, a chlorine soaked Club Swim bag, lifelong friends she couldn’t have made it through graphic design without, and a growing stack of books. Her designspiration comes from bits of Ellen Lupton, Pentagram, and a world of ever changing design trends.


Sarah’s future goals include working for a design agency or in-house marketing firm, and one day visiting Costa Rica to pet baby sloths.