meghan o’brien

Meghan O’Brien is a curly-haired artist and designer from Toledo Ohio, and has enjoyed making Bowling Green a second home while earning her BFA in graphic design. Her interest in design has followed after a life-long love for drawing and painting, and she is currently working to expand on her skills in photography as well. In addition to all things art, Meghan is enthusiastic about the great outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking, jogging, and camping.  Much of the inspiration for her art and design work comes from when she quite literally stops to smell the roses, or has her head up in the clouds. Meghan is also a fan of games and puzzles, never turning down a chance to play a round of Euchre or Settlers of Catan.


After graduating in May, Meghan plans to run her first half marathon this summer and will also be looking for a job!!! Once she’s had some time off from school, Meghan would love to go back to earn an MFA.