nolan rao

Nolan Rao is a graphic design graduate from Bowling Green State University. With a heavy background in sports most of his work is mainly for athletics. He designs in a certain style that seems swift, fast, and has movement. Something that you would typically see in works with sports. He started his design at Whitmer High School in Toledo, OH and then receiving an Associate Degree in Commercial Art Technology from Owens State Community College.


Nolan’s strengths in design are through print designs. He likes to work with his hands and enjoys designing for things that become an object. Things like packaging, snowboard designs like his thesis work, and designs that are more of a product than an advertisement. If Nolan had the choice to work anywhere his dream job would be with any of the Pittsburgh sports teams, which he watches on a daily basis. However, the chance to work for any sports team at the professional level (minor leagues included) would be an opportunity he wouldn’t turn down. He has worked for Dining Services for the past year and a half as an Intern Designer and helping to fill the role of the Lead Designer when she went on Maternity leave. He is excited to move on from his schooling and start a full-time career as a graphic designer.