mallory rao

Mallory Rao is a designer whose work heavily involves illustration. She has always enjoyed drawing and doing any type of physical art, so she incorporates that into her design whenever possible and appropriate. Mallory grew up in Toledo, Ohio but would hope to travel and live somewhere far away (where it’s warmer). She was involved in almost every art class in high school and fell in love with graphic design taking her first class freshman year at Whitmer High School. Mallory also has a strong passion for sports, hockey the most, and Pittsburgh being her team for all. Her love for cats is apparent to everyone she meets and her cat, Reya, will most likely be the first thing she brings up as she is an adventurous and troublesome kitty. On the weekends you can find her cuddling up with her cat, designing, watching sports, or creating a quirky drawing. Mallory can be described as bold, talkative (sometimes too much), and never failing to make you smile or laugh, because she believes being normal is boring. Her strengths as a designer are illustration, packaging design, design for non-profit, or designing to help a community/demographic in need. Mallory’s dream would be to work for the Pittsburgh Penguins but also would love to be able to travel and design for clients who strive to make a difference no matter how big or small.


After graduating with her degree in graphic design, she plans to stay around Toledo to finish up her internship with Amy Fidler designing for non-profits and saving up to go somewhere warm to start her next step in her career.