emily hirzel

Emily Hirzel is a born-and-raised Clevelander who loves taking long walks on the sub-par shores of Lake Erie. She takes a large portion of her inspiration from her experiences as she grew up in the city. She enjoys eccentric typefaces and spends way too much time trying to solidify a color scheme. Emily loves taking nice long naps when she is not supposed to (bonus points if she takes a nap the night before a project is due). She loves cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes, and will always ask to pet every nice pupper that strolls by. She has a distaste for unreliable vehicles, but will settle for any car that will start up. Emily is presently engaged to the girl of her dreams and hopes to have a beautiful wedding one day. After graduation with her BFA in Graphic Design, assuming all goes to plan, she hopes to find a job within the heart of the good ole Midwest.