emily frazier

Ever since she could remember, Emily Frazier has been drawing, painting, sewing, and otherwise creating. More recently, these creative outlets have included weaving, screen printing, and designing apps and websites as she finishes her degree in graphic design at BGSU. After considering careers in intelligence analysis and the medical field, Emily ended up in the design program on somewhat of a whim, barely understanding what it meant to be a graphic designer. She fell in love with it, realizing that design required a combination of logical reasoning and creative thought. She pays entirely too much attention to details both in and outside her work, which comes in handy in a game of trivia—one of her favorite games. Emily is always looking to learn something new, which explains the toppling pile of books on her shelf and the browser window with 20 open tabs.


Though Emily spends more time in the art building than she does at home anymore, she can still be found there occasionally listening to her vinyl collection, drinking tea, or sleeping.